Who are we?

Chabad at ASU is a family. Directed by Rabbi Shmuel and Chana Tiechtel, and joined one year ago by Rabbi Mendy and Sarah Rimler (and all our delicious kids!) Chabad, is a home away from home for every Jewish student at ASU (we call them ASJews).

Why are we here?

We're here for YOU! For every Jewish student's needs, spiritual, phsycial, psychological, and any other 'ogical! If you need a place to hang out, a hub to find like-minded students, a Rabbi to learn from and get inspired, a Friday night dinner or just someone to talk with — that's what we're for! We live right next door to the center and because we care for every Jewish student, 24/7. Once you become an ASJew, you automatically gain this beautiful ASJew family and we're always happy to help in any way we can.

Who's Who?

Rabbi Shmuel Tiechtel, founding Director of Chabad at ASU, is source for guidance, advice (not just in spiritual stuff), a great friend who loves ASJews, an inspiring educator and leader of Jewish life for over a decade at ASU. Rabbi Shmuel is well-versed in Jewish law, Jewish philosophy and he's a great football player out on Chabad's lawn.

Chana Tiechtel, Co-Director, is a fascinating speaker on a wide variety of relevant Jewish topics including relationships, Biblical stories, Kabbalah, spirituality, and prayer. Her cooking is not just good; it's gourmet. She's behind all those Friday night dinners you've been hearing about. She loves spending time with students at her weekly Lunch 'n Learn and meeting students personally just to chat and learn.

Rabbi Mendy Rimler, Outreach Director, doubles as a Running Rabbi, a tech buff, and an avid student of Jewish mysticism. He loves hanging out with ASJews at Chabad to study and ball out on the basketball court.

Sarah Rimler, Program Director loves creating attractive and enjoyable events for the ASJew community. She's of the avant-garde in interior design and a great friend to hang out with in her home next to Chabad.

Want to meet us in person? We'd love to meet you!

L-R: Tzvi Tiechtel, Chayala Rimler, Mina Tiechtel, Levi Tiechtel and Meir Tiechtel (not pictured: Eli Rimler, born in the summer of 2015). The kids would love to see you!