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  • Chicken Soup DeliveryFall has fallen. So have the colds. If you're under the weather, let us know and we'll bring you some hot chicken soup with matza balls! Deliver Chicken Soup
  • Friday Night DinnerMove over Mill Ave. Free five course home-cooked Friday night dinner. Those matza balls, bro? And you ain't seen nothing until you've tasted our Challah with olive dip. Join Us!
  • Israel Advocacy and Birthright IsraelWant to fly to Israel for free this summer, or get involved in advocacy for our homeland at ASU? Let us know and we'll hook you up. Let's do this
  • Sinai ScholarsDon't sweat that small job. Earn $350 just for taking a fascinating 8 week course about everything you've always wanted to know about Judaism. Sign Up Today