The Torah is a timeless connection to the past, and the key to a Jewish future. 3,300 years since we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai, the Torah remains a driving force in our lives as we continue to realize a Jewish reality at Chabad at ASU.

To that end, we have launched an ambitious project to concretize Jewish life on campus with the addition of a Torah scroll to our Chabad center on campus. Generously sponsored by Larry and Beth Cohen in honor of their dear children Ashley, Justin, Abby and Aric, this Torah will reaffirm our commitment, and indeed the commitment of an ever growing Jewish community of students at ASU to the ideals and values of the Torah.

YOU can become a part of this Torah, simply by purchasing a letter, verse or any other selection in this Torah scroll. According to Jewish law, every letter in a Torah is interdependent, because the Torah can only be used when it is complete with every single letter. The Jewish nation is symbolic of the Torah in the sense that we are all linked together in an indissoluble chain.

Now, you can buy your letter  and your part in this One Torah, for One People.