You Can Make A Difference!
Twin Towers of Love and Good Deeds

It's been 10 years since that fateful day - let's make a positive change in the world..
Do a good deed in memory of those who perished 9/11

Monday, September 12th,  2011
11:00 am - 1 pm near Hayden Lawn

--- Write a message for ground Zero
---Say a Prayer
--- Place a pledge on the wall of good
---Donate school supplies
--- Put on Teffilin
---Donate to charity
---Receive a Shabbat Candle
--- Make amends with a friend --- And many more ideas

This year 2 special projects for this day - come prepared!

1: EVERYONE has non-perishable foods in their dorms, I mean it IS college. We can collect a bowl of instant soup here, a can of vegetables there and voila! We have food to give to St. Mary's Food Bank. All canned foods(canned veggies, canned tuna, etc.) and most microwave-college friendly foods (i.e. Easy Mac, Raman, etc.) are accepted.

2: Not everyone has the physical items to give, but maybe they have some loose change jingling in their pockets. A few pennies from 62,476 students (not to mention faculty) can add up to quite a few big bucks. The money will go to a worthy charity. It is greatly needed in order to continue their amazing work!


Gears (animated)

Be a part of the continuing chain of good deeds!