Past Classes

At Chabad we offer a wide array of Torah classes on many subjects and topics, from reading Hebrew (in just six weeks!) to studying the Kabbalah. We offer it all. If there is a certain topic of Judaism that you want to study about , and its not offered in the classes, we offer free one-on-one studying for students at ASU. Just let us know when and what you'd like to learn and we'll get in touch with you. Contact

The Torah... it's your Heritage, your gift - Enjoy it!

RSVP's are not required for these classes, but they are appreciated, you can RSVP here. The Hebrew Reading Crash Course requires reservations

The following classes are in the upcoming weeks. (for all classes of the semester, pick up the Jewish Students Calendar at Chabad).

FraTorah  - Tuesday, October 19th, 8 pm -  @ AEPi

The Love and Relationship series - Wednesday, October 20th, 8 pm - 1st class of the 3 class series @ Sonora Hall

Lunch N' Learn - Thursday, October 21st,
12:45 pm   @ room 204 in the MU

In Depth Talmud Study - Thursday, October 21st, 8 pm - 1st class of a series  @ Chabad House

Crash Course in Hebrew Reading - Monday,  October 25th, 8 pm @ Manzanita Hall

Want to learn another subject? Not available at these times,
learn one-on-one. It's a golden opportunity.