JWC invites you to join in a Mikvah Tour

Much has been heard about a Mikvah, but what is it? What is done there?

Mikvah is a most precious and beautiful mitzva (Torah precept).
There, enveloped by its living waters and immersed in its sanctity, one is transformed to a state of spiritual purity, reaffirming the cycle of life.

Perhaps you have never been to a Mikvah and would like to know what to expect. Come join us now for an eye-opening Mikvah tour

Join the Jewish Womens Connection at ASU on an educational tour of the only Mikvah in the Valley, and get a glimpse into the mystery of the Mikvah and discover a uniquely Jewish approach to sexuality and femininity.

The tour will be followed by an open discussion.

Sunday, November 21st 2004. We will meet at Chabad at 1:15. There is no charge. Please RSVP (so we can arrange rides accordingly).

For more information on Mikvah, go to www.mikvah.org